9ct Gold Divers Helmet Pendant


The stunning craftsmanship of this Divers Helmet is astounding.
It is correct in every detail, from hoses to nuts on the chest-plate. The finish is a contrast of Satin and high polish to replicate the original.
A beautiful piece that will be treasured by its owner.

Approx Size: 1.5cm x 2cm

Complies to British Hallmark Standard

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The diving helmet was an outgrowth of the diving bell. The problem of supplying compressed air to divers was not solved until, in the early 1700's, English astronomer Edmond Hally had casks of air hauled down to the diving bell where it was hose fed to helmeted divers.
In 1819 a helmet with pumped air was introduced and the helmet and suit became the standard diving dress.

Solid 9ct Gold

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Material Yellow Gold
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