9ct Yellow Gold Whale Shark Pendant

The sleek lines of the whale shark are portrayed in this stylish pendant.  The added satin finish gives a contemporary feel.

The stunning whale shark can reach a length of 40 feet or more and weighs 20 or more tons.

Similar to the fingerprint of a human, the pattern of spots around the gill area are unique to each individual allowing researchers to identify individual sharks.

Also available with a 9ct gold snake chain


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Solid Gold Whale Shark Pendant

Gold satin finished pendant

Complies to British Hallmark Standard
Reef Jewelry are proud to support the Shark Trust

Additional Information

Material Yellow Gold
Charm Style No
Height (mm) 30
Bracelet Length No
Width (mm) 25
Duo Ring Design No
Bangle Size No
Carat Diamond No
Custom Design No

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