Who's behind Reef Jewellery

Reef Jewelry is the brainchild of Peter Barbarovich..
who is not only a very gifted designer and maker of jewelry but also a keen scuba diver.

Peter was born in South Africa and, after spending many happy years working within the diving industry in the Red Sea, he settle in England. His involvement with the sea and love of the magnificent and beautiful marine life around the oceans is the inspiration for his collections.

Peter started ‘Reef Jewelry’ alongside his wife Donna in 1998 from their premises in England. Since then the Company has gone from strength to strength.

“My inspiration comes from a love of the sea and the natural world. I wanted to create a range that would give a soft, natural, yet contemporary feel...”

Peter now owns and runs Barovic Jewellers in Bedford where all the jewellery is made in the on-site workshop by himself and his talented goldsmith team.

The Shark Trust

The Sharks TrustReef Jewelry are happy to support the Shark Trust, a charity dedicated to the conservation of sharks, skates and rays. Along with many of their customers Reef Jewelry have a commitment to marine conservation.